Today, things continue to change as technology improves. Drug tests are so common today even with employers.  The drug tests may become a limitation to you especially if you are using hard drugs for recreation.  The increased competition among athletes calls for more boosting. This means that there are chances that a urine test will catch you and you might be on the receiving end.  Over the years, people have adopted various strategies to beat drug tests. Some have been successful while others have not been successful.  Drug testing technology has improved and cheating on the tests has become harder. However, today, you can fake the urine tests. How is that possible? The synthetic urine has been the effective answer to these changes. 

Synthetic urine is made to look like real urine form the human body. It resemblance to the real urine makes it easy to cheat on the tests. It has the chemical composition of the real urine including the pH, vitamin contents, uric levels, gravity properties and temperatures. The Synthetic Urine has also been used for alternative lifestyle sex as some people no longer take pleasure in the traditional sex.  The society has changed and products to meet the changes are being sold. You can buy the whizzinator online. The whizzinator is a device that looks like the real male organ. It helps you to release the synthetic urine. The whizzinator is just but one of the optional devices that can be available for this purpose. Even the whizzinator brand comes with different varieties. 

The differences in the devices used for synthetic urine is worth a look since you want a device that can serve you efficiently. One of the things to consider is the texture, feel, and size of the device. It is important that you get a device that has the structure of a real organ in terms of wrinkles, veins, and structure.  It should also feel like human fresh for your comfort.  It should be able to bend and stand just likes the real organ. Its size should be your fit; neither too small nor too large.  The device is available in different colors including white, Latin, black and red. They are equal in size and texture despite the difference in color as most people think black to be bigger. 


Get the Whizzinator that is easy to use. Some can be operated with one hand like the real Whizzinator XXX while others may require the use of both hands.